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Typhoon Flip Top Table

The Typhoon is a high quality flip top table is easy and safe to operate with a 2 hand handle mechanism to prevent accidental operation and locking castors.

With a black frame and polished aluminium feet, backed by a 5 year warranty.


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  • Wastes no space when not in use
  • Locking castors
  • E0 rated melamine board
  • Folded Size of TFT1575 : 1100mm H x 600mm D x 1500mm
  • Folded Size of TFT1875 : 1100mm H x 600mm D x 1800mm



SKU Top Length Top Width Height
TFT1575 1500mm 750mm 750mm
TFT1875 1800mm 750mm 750mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
TFT1575 Box 1/3 440mm 700mm 100mm 0.03 10kg
TFT1575 Box 2/3 90mm 910mm 60mm 0.01 3kg
TFT1575 Box 3/3 765mm 1570mm 35mm 0.04 20kg
TFT1875 Box 1/3 440mm 700mm 100mm 0.03 10kg
TFT1875 Box 2/3 90mm 1100mm 60mm 0.01 3.5kg
TFT1875 Box 3/3 760mm 1860mm 40mm 0.06 25kg