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SHUSH30+ Single Screen Fixing Bracket

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Introducing the Shush30 Screen Bracket Set, specifically designed to perfectly suit Single Sided Deluxe Infinity & Eternity Workstations. These screen brackets provide a seamless and stylish solution for mounting screens, ensuring a flush alignment with the desk top.

With the Shush30 Screen Bracket Set, screens mounted using these brackets will sit flush with the desk top, creating a clean and professional appearance. The brackets are designed to accommodate desk thicknesses up to 26mm, offering versatility and compatibility with various workstation configurations.

Each set includes two screen brackets, providing a complete solution for mounting your screens securely and effortlessly.

Upgrade your Single Sided Deluxe Infinity & Eternity Workstations with the Shush30 Screen Bracket Set and enjoy a sleek and organised work environment. Maximize productivity and aesthetics with this reliable and userfriendly screen mounting solution.

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