Eternity Single Sided Workstation

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Eternity Single Sided Workstation

Maximise space and create an efficient working environment with Rapid Eternity single sided workstations

The stylish Eternity leg, in black or white, adds style to each workstation without being intrusive, while the recessed leg between joining workstations creates full leg access.


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  • Stylish 45 degree Eternity leg
  • Maximise office space
  • Large, medium or small desks
  • 750mm Depth work top per user

Options :

  • Choose the number of persons required for your run of desks
  • Choose between 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm desks
  • Choose between black or white powdercoated frames and legs
  • Choose between natural oak or natural white scalloped top



SKU Workstations Overall Width Overall Depth Overall Height
D-ELS1P1275 1 Person 1200mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS1P1575 1 Person 1500mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS1P1875 1 Person 1800mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS2P1275 2 Person 2400mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS2P1575 2 Person 3000mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS2P1875 2 Person 3600mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS3P1275 3 Person 3600mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS3P1575 3 Person 4500mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS3P1875 3 Person 5400mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS4P1275 4 Person 4800mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS4P1575 4 Person 6000mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS4P1875 4 Person 7200mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS5P1275 5 Person 6000mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS5P1575 5 Person 7500mm 750mm 730mm
D-ELS5P1875 5 Person 9000mm 750mm 730mm