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Eternity Coffee Table

The eternity coffee table has a sleek and seamless design. The Table features a powdercoat Eternity frame in black or White Satin, promoting style and durability.

Comes in 3 different tops, including circle, square and rectangle, with five finishes to choose from.

Round and square tops come with a set of four legs, and the rectangular top comes with a full underframe with double support rails.

Backed by a 5-year warranty.

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  • E0 Enviroboard Melamine Table Top
  • 2mm Steel Gauge Leg Set
  • Adjustable Levelling Feet
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • ECT600 & ECT 900 Tops come in a Natural White, Natural Oak, Cherry & Beech
  • ECT99 Tops come in Natural White & Natural Oak
  • ECT126 Tops come in Natural White, Natural Oak, Cherry, Beech & Grey



SKU Width Depth Height Diameter
ECT600 - - 450mm 600mm
ECT900 - - 450mm 900mm
ECT99 900mm 900mm 450mm
ECT126 1200mm 600mm 450mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
ECT600 1/2 430mm 200mm 120mm 0.01032 6kg
ECT600 2/2 640mm 640mm 40mm 0.016384 7kg
ECT900 1/2 430mm 200mm 120mm 0.01032 6kg
ECT900 2/2 940mm 940mm 45mm 0.039762 18kg
ECT99 1/2 430mm 200mm 120mm 0.01032 6kg
ECT99 2/2 950mm 950mm 35mm 0.0315875 12kg
ECT126 1/2 460mm 610mm 135mm 0.037881 10kg
ECT126 2/2 650mm 1260mm 40mm 0.03276 15kg