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Rapid Vibe Desk

The Rapid Vibe range comes in solid grey and is constructed of environmentally friendly melamine. Strong and durable and backed by a 5 year warranty.

The desk range comes in 4 sizes with side bolts for extra rigidity.


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  • 25mm Tops, 18mm Sides
  • Lockable Drawers Extra
  • E0 Enviroboard



SKU Width Depth Height
CDK96 900mm 600mm 730mm
CDK189 1800mm 900mm 730mm
CDK1575 1500mm 750mm 730mm
CDK126 1200mm 600mm 730mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
CDK96 Box 1/2 658mm 1258mm 55mm 0.05 12kg
CDK96 Box 2/2 763mm 618mm 50mm 0.02 10kg
CDK189 Box 1/2 958mm 1858mm 55mm 0.1 43kg
CDK189 Box 2/2 760mm 918mm 48mm 0.03 17kg
CDK1575 Box 1/2 808mm 1558mm 55mm 0.07 30kg
CDK1575 Box 2/2 763mm 768mm 48mm 0.03 15kg
CDK126 Box 1/2 658mm 1258mm 55mm 0.05 20kg
CDK126 Box 2/2 763mm 618mm 50mm 0.02 11kg