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BOOST+ Corner Workstation

Boost Plus has a full range of configurations, from a Single, corner workstation or desk and return to Back to Back workstations with screen division.

The range meets Australian standards for height range, has an LED digital controller, anti collision and anti tilt as standard and a 140kg plus weight rating.

With low noise emission and easy assembly Boost Plus meets all Height Adjustable workstation requirements.

The optional integrated cable tray and snake add ons make managing wiring simple.


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  • Dual motor – 3 stage motorised legs
  • 140kg weight loading capacity
  • Smooth & quiet adjustment at 38mm per second
  • Digital Control Panel With 3 Pre-Set Positions, LED Display Panel, Keypad Safety Lock & Reminder Alarm Setting
  • Anti-collision and anti-tilt safety features
  • Optional Portable Battery Packs allows desk mobility free from GPOs
  • Height range of 620mm – 1270mm H
  • 750mm depth top with 80mm cable entry hole in corner
  • Available in 1500 x 1500mm, 1800 x 1500mm or 1800 x 1800mm wide
  • Additional Add ons available – Cable Snake, Cable Tray Bridge, Battery Pack or Bluetooth control box. See mini catalogue for more info
  • Min – Max height limit override feature



SKU Description Overall Width Overall Height Overall Depth
B+CNR1P1515 Boost+ Workstation ONLY 1500mm 620mm - 1270mm 1500mm
B+CNRCT1P1515 With Cable Tray 1500mm 620mm - 1270mm 1500mm
B+CNRWS1P1515 With Screen 1500mm 1330mm 1500mm
B+CNRWSCT1P1515 With Screen & Cable Tray 1500mm 1330mm 1500mm
B+CNR1P1815 Boost+ Workstation ONLY 1800mm 620mm - 1270mm 1500mm
B+CNRCT1P1815 With Cable Tray 1800mm 620mm - 1270mm 1500mm
B+CNRWS1P1815 With Screen 1800mm 1330mm 1500mm
B+CNRWSCT1P1815 With Screen & Cable Tray 1800mm 1330mm 1500mm
B+CNR1P1818 Boost+ Workstation ONLY 1800mm 620mm - 1270mm 1800mm
B+CNRCT1P1818 With Cable Tray 1800mm 620mm - 1270mm 1800mm
B+CNRWS1P1818 With Screen 1800mm 1330mm 1800mm
B+CNRWSCT1P1818 With Screen & Cable Tray 1800mm 1330mm 1800mm