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A full range of workstation tops are available for Rapid Screen, 25mm thick with cable entry ports and all made of E0 enviroboard.


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  • Slimline screen system with full range of hanging accessories
  • Choice of 4 leg systems
  • Choose from Straight Tops or 120 Degree Tops
  • Available in Beech or Natural White tops with Cable Entry Holes
  • E0 Enviroboard
  • 25mm Tops



SKU Width Depth Thickness
T127 1200mm 700mm 25mm
T157 1500mm 700mm 25mm
T187 1800mm 700mm 25mm
T1818 1800 / 1800mm 700mm 25mm
T1812 1800 / 1200mm 700mm 25mm
T1515 1500 / 1500mm 700mm 25mm
T1212-12-7 1200 / 1200mm 700mm 25mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
T127 1250mm 750mm 40mm 0.04 17kg
T157 1570mm 765mm 35mm 0.04 20kg
T187 1860mm 760mm 40mm 0.06 25kg
T1818 1860mm 1860mm 40mm 0.14 37kg
T1812 1860mm 1250mm 40mm 0.09 40kg
T1515 1560mm 1560mm 40mm 0.10 30kg
T1212-12-7 2140mm 1240mm 40mm 0.11 29kg