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Rapid Span Electric Desks

Rapid Span electric workstations offer a sturdy, reliable height adjustable solution, with a proven Conset motor, modesty panel for rigidity, and stiffening rail on 1500 and 180mm tops to prevent bowing.

Easy to use up and down control and backed by a 5 year warranty.

Range of desk sizes with cable entry ports in desk top for wire management


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  • Height Range including Top: 685 – 1205mm
  • Lifting Capacity 100kg
  • Conset Motor
  • Modesty Panel for Rigidity
  • Stiffening Rail on 1500 and 1800mm Tops
  • Easy Use Up and Down Control
  • Speed: 31mm per Second
  • Optional Preset Controller available as extra



SKU Width Depth Height
SE-127M 1200mm 700mm 685-1205mm
SE-157M 1500mm 700mm 685-1205mm
SE-187M 1800mm 700mm 685-1205mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
SE-127 BOX 1/3 750mm 1250mm 40mm 0.04 17kg
SE-127 BOX 2/3 330mm 990mm 35mm 0.01 2kg
SE-127 BOX 3/3 710mm 695mm 150mm 0.07 18.5kg
SE-157 BOX 1/4 330mm 1300mm 35mm 0.02 3kg
SE-157 BOX 2/4 110mm 1245mm 50mm 0.01 0.5kg
SE-157 BOX 3/4 710mm 695mm 150mm 0.07 18.5kg
SE-157 BOX 4/4 765mm 1570mm 35mm 0.04 20kg
SE-187 BOX 1/4 760mm 1860mm 40mm 0.06 25kg
SE-187 BOX 2/4 330mm 1590mm 35mm 0.02 4kg
SE-187 BOX 3/4 110mm 1550mm 50mm 0.01 0.5kg
SE-187 BOX 4/4 710mm 695mm 150mm 0.07 18.5kg