SHUSH30 with Height Adjustable Desks

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SHUSH30 with Height Adjustable Desks

The new full height SHUSH30 can be used with height adjustable workstations by attaching a small glide. 

The BR-SLIBR Nylon glide brackets can be screwed into workstation tops and fitted to the screen extrusions, this allows smooth adjustment of the workstation while holding the screen steadily in place. 

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  • Use for 1200mm and 1500mm full height SHUSH30+ screens, with height adjustable workstations such as BOOST+ 
  • Holds the screen sturdy when adjusting height on workstations 
  • Brackets for screen only. *Does not include screens, clamps or fixings 
  • Includes Nylon brackets. Comes as a set of 2; 1 x Right, 1 x Left



SKU Height Width Depth
B2-SLIBR 50mm 25mm 8mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
B2-SLIBR 25mm 8mm 50mm 0 1kg