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SHUSH30 900mm Screens

The 900mm Height SHUSH30+ can be used with 600mm depth Infinity and Eternity leg desks as both a screen and modesty panel. 

Using a pair of SHS-HAB brackets, the 900mm height screens can be mounted at any height of your choice for dual purpose. 

See Mini Catalogue in below Specifications tab for more information.


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900mm H Screens

  • 900mm Height screens also used on Boost+ with additional fixing arms that aren’t included
  • Can be fixed at any height on other desks
  • Functions as a screen and a modesty panel at the same time


  • Used to fit a 900mm H SHUSH30+ screen to a fixed height desk 
  • Brackets for screen only. *Does not include screens, clamps or fixings*
  • Recommended for use with 600mm deep Infinity and Eternity legs 
  • Comes as a set of 2 – 1 x Right, 1 x Left 



SKU Descriptions Width Depth Height
SHS-HAB Set of 2 Brackets 138mm 72mm 70mm
SHS759 Return Screen 750mm 30mm 900mm
SHS129 1200 Screen 1200mm 30mm 900mm
SHS159 1500 Screen 1500mm 30mm 900mm
SHS189 1800 Screen 1800mm 30mm 900mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
SHS-HAB 200mm 130mm 100mm 0 1kg
SHS759 40mm 810mm 970mm 0.03 10kg
SHS129 45mm 980mm 1260mm 0.06 15kg
SHS159 45mm 980mm 1550mm 0.07 19kg
SHS189 45mm 980mm 1860mm 0.08 22kg