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Rapid Screen Accessories

Wide range of Rapid Screen accessories which clip on to the screen allowing the user more clear desk space, and quick access to items stored in accessories.


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  • Slimline screen system with full range of hanging accessories
  • Choice of 4 leg systems
  • Cable holes for wire management
  • E0 Enviroboard



SKU Description Height Depth Width
CBC SHELF Beech Shelf Only 25mm 270mm 858mm
CBC SHELF White Shelf Only 25mm 270mm 858mm
SCSHELF BRACKET Shelf Bracket (Pair) 430mm 330mm
SCDOC DIVIDE 4 Space Document Divider 290mm 260mm 240mm
SCDOC TRAY Document Tray 80mm 330mm 250mm
SCFILE HOLDER Filer Holder 310mm 320mm 160mm
SCPEN HOLDER2 Double Pen Holder 140mm 90mm 160mm
SCPEN HOLDER3 Triple Pen Holder 140mm 90mm 220mm
SCWALL BRACKET Wall Starter 40mm 55mm 35mm
SCFREE STANDING FEET Freestanding Foot (Pair) 170mm 510mm 50mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
CBC SHELF 905mm 320mm 35mm 0.01 8kg
SCSHELF BRACKET 330mm 70mm 430mm 0.01 3kg
SCDOC TRAY 330mm 250mm 80mm 0.01 2kg
SCDOC DIVIDE 240mm 260mm 290mm 0.01 2.5kg
SCFILE HOLDER 320mm 160mm 310mm 0.02 3kg
SCPEN HOLDER 2 160mm 90mm 140mm 0.01 0.3kg
SCPEN HOLDER 3 220mm 90mm 130mm 0.01 0.4kg
WALL S 35mm 55mm 40mm 0.01 0.5kg
RS FOOT 510mm 50mm 170mm 0.01 4.5kg
SCDESK BRACKET 45mm 75mm 25mm 0.00 0.5kg