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Porcelain Whiteboard

The Rapidline porcelain whiteboard provides a superior writing surface with a vitreous enamel whiteboard, with galvanised steel backing and a low density fibreboard core.

Incorporating concealed fixing points and a pen tray.

Backed by a 25 year warranty

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  • Porcelain/Vitreous enamel (Polyvision E3 ceramic steel) surface
  • Magnetic surface
  • Magnets and wall mounting kit included
  • 310mm length pen tray included (approx. 55mm depth)



SKU Width Depth Height
PWB96 900mm 15mm 600mm
PWB129 1200mm 15mm 900mm
PWB1212 1200mm 15mm 1200mm
PWB159 1500mm 15mm 900mm
PWB1512 1500mm 15mm 1200mm
PWB189 1800mm 15mm 900mm
PWB1812 1800mm 15mm 1200mm
PWB2112 2100mm 15mm 1200mm
PWB2412 2400mm 15mm 1200mm
PWB3012 3000mm 15mm 1200mm

Box Dimensions

Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
PWB96 700mm 45mm 1000mm 0.32 7.8kg
PWB129 1290mm 40mm 1000mm 0.05 14.9kg
PWB1212 1290mm 40mm 1300mm 0.07 19.6kg
PWB159 1000mm 45mm 1600mm 0.07 18.5kg
PWB1512 1590mm 40mm 1300mm 0.08 24.3kg
PWB189 1000mm 45mm 1900mm 0.09 22kg
PWB1812 1290mm 110mm 1930mm 0.11 43.2kg
PWB2112 1300mm 45mm 2200mm 0.13 34kg
PWB2412 1290mm 47mm 2490mm 0.15 38.4kg
PWB3012 1290mm 47mm 3090mm 0.19 47.8kg