Deluxe Loop Leg Double With Screen

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Deluxe Loop Leg Double With Screen

Maximise space and create an efficient working environment with Deluxe Rapid Infinity. 750mm deep Enviroboard tops, with scallop for cable access, and a recessed leg to create full leg access in long runs of workstations.

The bevelled edge loop leg finishes each workstation run with a premium look, and the matching dividing screen adds privacy and noise reduction to each workstation.

White or oak tops, with black or white frames create a modern, clean look to your fit out.


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  • Deluxe Infinity with Deeper 750mm Top
  • Scalloped edge top for easy wire management
  • Recessed Intermediate Leg Creates Full Leg Access
  • 60mm x 45mm Bevelled Edge Loop Leg
  • Double Support Rail for Extra Strength
  • E0 Enviroboard



SKU Workstations Overall Width Overall Depth Overall Height
D-ILLDWS2P1275 2 Person 1200mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS2P1575 2 Person 1500mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS2P1875 2 Person 1800mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS4P1275 4 Person 2400mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS4P1575 4 Person 3000mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS4P1875 4 Person 3600mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS6P1275 6 Person 3600mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS6P1575 6 Person 4500mm 1530mm 1200mm
D-ILLDWS6P1875 6 Person 5400mm 1530mm 1200mm